Personal Data & Documents

Are my data and scanned documents safe?

Your data is stored within a secure data centre. It is not transferred to any third parties and is protected by multiple firewalls and other internal and external security protocols.

How long will my data and scanned documents be retained?

Your scanned images are held for a maximum of 6 months after you apply, and are then deleted permanently. At that point the only data we hold relates to your Certificate and the details entered during the application process.  This information is retained permanently as part of the register of Certificates issued.

Will you share my data with third parties?

No. The data is held exclusively for the Government of Ireland.

Why do you want my telephone number?

This will be used solely to facilitate delivery by the shipping company, or to contact you to resolve issues relating to your application.

What sort of communications will I get if I consent to receive emails?

Any communication will cover matters, topics, goods, services, events or activities relating to Ireland. Whilst all communications will come from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, they may include information from a range of Government Departments, State Bodies and State Agencies.

No commercial companies or third parties will contact you other than the Minister at any time. You may also, of course, unsubscribe at any time.